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Established in 2009, Discover Klamath Visitor and Convention Bureau is a 501c3 non-profit marketing agency that works to enhance Klamath County’s economy by developing and marketing visitor experiences and providing information that inspires travel and conveys the message of Klamath County becoming a recognized tourism destination in Southern Oregon.

The Discover Klamath team and leadership develops and implements a biennial strategic plan that includes four imperatives: Maximize County Wide Economic Impact, Maximize Destination Brand Image for Klamath County, Support and Empower our Partners and Run an Effective Business that guide the work we do. Discover Klamath works extensively with our regional partners, local communities, government agencies and private businesses to implement our strategic plan.

Discover Klamath’s mission is to support the economic prosperity of Klamath County through tourism, and to instill and maintain community pride through the enjoyment of and respect for Klamath’s natural and cultural treasures.

We believe that Klamath is a place that visitors want to choose as their first-choice destination, an un-missable stop at the crossroads of the west, and a place that residents and business owners can’t wait to tell the world about.
Oregon’s premiere attractions are here.
Discover the unparalleled allure of Klamath, home to Crater Lake and the exclusive gateway to three National Parks, captivating cultural treasures, unrivaled recreation, and an abundance of North America’s vibrant wildlife.
A must-stop destination on epic journeys of the West.
All roads (and rails) lead through Klamath: visitors tripping through the Pacific Northwest will want to add Klamath as a destination on the journey between National Parks, along scenic byways, and as a convenient stop along the way to major events and destinations of the west.

Pacific Northwest explorers will want to add Klamath as a destination as they seek extraordinary encounters between iconic National Parks, scenic byways, and an essential pause on the road to the west’s premier events and attractions.
An enduring source of pride for the communities of Klamath.
Klamath County’s natural wonders, cultures, and communities are a source of pride for those who call Klamath home, and an inspiration to those whom Klamath welcomes as visitors.

ECONOMIC IMPACT of tourism 2022

$242.4 Million

Visitor spending
(Up from $213.1M in 2021)


Travel related employment
(Up from 2,010 in 2021)


Average visitor spend
(Overnight visitors, per party)
Klamath County Tourism Statistics Source: Oregon Travel Impacts: 2003-2022, Dean Ruunyan Associates



Interim Executive Director & Senior Marketing Manager
Tonia is responsible for overseeing various aspects of Discover Klamath’s operations, including traditional marketing, website management, grant coordination, and the execution of special projects. Notably, she plays a pivotal role in managing the Ride the Rim event at Crater Lake. Tonia has been a dedicated member of the Discover Klamath team since 2013. Originally hailing from Crescent City, California, Tonia made her way to Klamath County in 2002. Since joining the Discover Klamath team, she has skillfully merged her background in customer service with her deep passion for marketing. This synergy has played a significant role in driving the successful implementation of Discover Klamath’s initiatives.

Board of Directors

Discover Klamath’s mission is to support the economic prosperity of Klamath County through tourism, and to instill and maintain community pride through the enjoyment of and respect for Klamath’s natural and cultural treasures.
Jenifer Roe,
Crater Lake Zipline

Tammy McCoskey,
KOA of Klamath Falls

Dan Tappan,
Fairfield by Marriott

Laty Xayavong,
Thai Orchid
Randy Cox,
Klamath County Economic Development Association

Mike DeSmit,
US Forest Service

Janann Loetscher,
Favell Museum

Lynelle Lynch,
Bellus Academy

Raj Naria,
Days Inn Klamath Falls
Sanjay “Sean” Patel,
Pacific Northwest Hotel Management

Derrick Rowley,
Klamath County Fairgrounds & Event Center

Ellsworth Lang,
Sleep Inn & Suites

Dave Henslee,
Klamath County Commissioner

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