Why Choose Klamath For Your Next Event

Top 10 reasons why klamath is the perfect location to host sports events

Find out why Klamath's excellent weather, amazing venues, and great resources make hosting an event an easy choice!


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It’s always sunny!

Plan to host your event under blue skies! It's true, Klamath has over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Moderate temperatures

At roughly 4,100 feet elevation, the refreshing high-desert climate averages temperatures in the summer of 85°F and in the winter 38°F, making it comfortable for both spectators and players.

It’s easy to get here!

You can reach Klamath County a variety of ways, including by plane, by train, or by automobile. Plus, Klamath is a mere 5 hour drive to the major markets of San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR

Healthy choices are made easy

In 2015 Klamath Falls was chosen as Blue Zones Project Community, which means we are working with Healthways and Cambia Health Foundation to improve our community’s well-being by making healthy choices easier to make in our everyday lives.  This also means that healthy dining options are readily available for athletes.

You already have friends here

Our relaxed city culture will welcome you with open arms and cheer right alongside you.  Plus, there’s always members of the community eager to volunteer for events.

Unique lodging accommodations

Klamath County offers a wide range of lodging and other amenities for teams and fans.  Whether you want to camp under the stars in a furnished teepee, stay at a resort with on property spa facilities, or anything in between, Klamath has a variety of accommodations sure to suit your needs.

Healthcare resources

Klamath Falls is home to Sky Lakes Medical Center, an internationally accredited acute-care teaching hospital dedicated to the people it serves.

Shopping for every need

Let’s face it.  We leave home and remember we forgot to pack something important.  Fortunately, Klamath has many shopping opportunities to find whatever you need.  From big box retailers to specialty stores, you’ll likely find what you are looking for in Klamath Falls.

A sporting heritage

Klamath’s sporting roots go back decades.  With a baseball stadium that’s hosted Babe Ruth World Series, to a state college with may national sports titles to its credit, Klamath has a rich history as a sporting town.  Come feel the energy when you visit Klamath Falls.

There’s never a dull moment here

Sure, the players and spectators are coming for the event, but what happens afterwards?  The Klamath Basin is a destination for on-the-map attractions and off-the-grid discoveries.  There are over 6,000 square miles of trees, rivers and trails.  Test your mettle on class IV whitewater.  Reel in a catch before breakfast.  From summer cycling and hiking, to snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in the winter, lose your routine and find yourself.

Find a Venue for Sports Tourism in Klamath

Finding a venue in Klamath is easy with hundreds of miles of trails, historic stadiums, baseball, softball and soccer complexes, collegiate level venues, all-purpose fairgrounds event center, a sportsman’s park, geothermally heated swimming pool, indoor and winter sports facilities, and well over 100 square miles of recreational water to choose from!

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