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Dive In to Summer Vacation at Klamath's Lakes

Summer Vacation Done Right

Embark on the quintessential summer lake vacation in Klamath, where the classic Pacific Northwest summer experience comes to life. Imagine a summer camp at the lake, but for the whole family, where every day is an invitation to dive into crystal-clear waters, set up camp under starlit skies, and explore the wonders of nearby national parks. Klamath's stunning landscapes are a backdrop to a summer filled with family memories, laughter, and adventure. You'll find diverse lakes, each offering unique experiences and adventures here. From serene wilderness retreats where you can reconnect with nature, or enjoy vibrant water sports destinations buzzing with energy, Klamath caters to all interests and ages. Whether you're seeking a peaceful escape or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Klamath is the perfect setting for your summer getaway, promising a blend of relaxation, exploration, and unforgettable moments.


Bird Watching
Family Fun
National Parks



Discover nature's beauty and boundless recreation

Klamath is home to some of Oregon's most remarkable lakes, each offering a unique slice of the classic Pacific Northwest experience. Lake of the Woods enchants with its mirror-like waters and serene surroundings, embodying the region's pristine beauty. Odell Lake, nestled in the Deschutes National Forest, boasts clear waters and a tranquil escape amidst the peaks and tall pines. Crescent Lake's sandy shores and panoramic mountain views offer a dreamy beach day in the mountains. Klamath Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the western United States, is an ecological wonder, blending breathtaking scenery with a rich tapestry of wildlife.

Find Your Lakeside Paradise

Adventures for all at Klamath’s lakes

Klamath’s lakes are not just stunning to behold; they're playgrounds for summer adventures. From the thrilling wakeboarding and pontoon rides at Lake of the Woods to the fishing and kayaking opportunities at Odell Lake, there's something for every water enthusiast. Crescent Lake invites visitors to dive into water sports or relax on its sandy beaches, while Klamath Lake offers serene canoe trails and birdwatching experiences. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or an action-packed adventure, Klamath's lakes provide the perfect backdrop for camping, hiking, and making unforgettable summer memories. And, if you need help picking your next lake vacation, we’ve got you covered with our “Find Your Lake” adventure guide.

Crater Lake

A jewel in your Klamath lake vacation

Crater Lake National Park, a national treasure among the likes of Rainier, Sequoia, and Yosemite, is an unmissable highlight easily accessible from Klamath's other mountain lakes. Imagine a day trip from the serene shores of your favorite recreational Klamath lake to the deepest lake in the U.S., renowned for its striking blue waters and pristine clarity. Start with a sunrise at Rim Village for a panoramic view of Crater Lake, including the iconic Wizard Island. The 33-mile Rim Drive around the lake offers a journey through breathtaking vistas and geological wonders, with numerous trails that climb Mount Scott or lead to Plaikni Falls providing immersive nature experiences.

After exploring the lake's surface and surrounding trails, unwind at the historic Crater Lake Lodge, where you can grab a bite or enjoy a glass of local Oregon wine against the backdrop of one of the Pacific Northwest's most stunning views. Crater Lake isn't just a side excursion; it's a central part of your Klamath lake vacation, offering unforgettable experiences and picturesque memories. For a deeper exploration, check out our Best Views at Crater Lake guide for comprehensive insights into this majestic natural wonder.

Family Fun in Klamath

More fun for all ages nearby

Klamath's lakes serve as perfect bases for family adventures, offering exciting nearby attractions that complement the classic lake vacation. Just a short drive from the tranquil waters, unique experiences promise fun and learning for all ages.

Begin your off-lake adventure at Train Mountain, where the world's longest miniature hobby railroad captivates both young and old. This enchanting journey through miniature towns and landscapes offers a delightful break from lakeside activities. For a dose of adrenaline, head to Sasquatch Hollow at Crater Lake Zipline, a kid-friendly zipline adventure park that provides thrilling yet safe experiences amidst Klamath's natural beauty. Then, immerse your family in the region's rich history at the Collier Logging Museum in Collier State Park. Here, the past comes alive during "Living History Day(s)", with actors in period attire demonstrating traditional logging techniques, making it an educational and entertaining excursion.

These attractions, easily accessible from the lakes, are perfect for adding variety to your family's summer lake vacation. They're not just side trips; they're essential parts of creating a summer filled with diverse, memorable adventures.


A wildlife spectacle on your lake vacation

Don't miss the chance to witness Klamath's rich wildlife during your lake vacation. Klamath is renowned for its stunning lakes and offers a unique opportunity to combine leisure with nature observation. Whether you're lounging by the shores of Lake of the Woods or exploring the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail, keep your eyes peeled for the diverse bird species that call this area home. Paddle along the serene Upper Klamath Canoe Trail, where sightings of American white pelicans and bald eagles are common, adding to the trail's allure.

The birding experience in Klamath extends beyond the lakes. The Klamath Basin's network of lakes and trails offers a mosaic of habitats, each hosting its unique avian residents. From the melodious calls of songbirds in the riparian zones to the impressive dives of ospreys hunting for fish, the region's birdlife is as diverse as it is captivating. For a deeper dive into the world of Klamath's birds, our Introduction to Bird Watching article is your go-to guide, packed with information on species identification, habitats, and the best spots for birdwatching

Outdoor Adventures

More to explore beyond the lakeside

Klamath's allure extends far beyond its stunning lakes, offering various outdoor activities for every adventurer. Cycle along scenic trails that hug the lakeshores, experience the thrill of ziplining through dense forests or explore the serene hiking paths nearby. Just a short drive from the lakes, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of Crater Lake Zipline or enjoy the charm of historic downtown Klamath Falls.

The region caters to both water and land enthusiasts. Kayak on the tranquil Williamson River at Collier Memorial State Park or paddleboard on the challenging currents of Wood River at Jackson Kimball State Park. Mountain biking trails at Spence Mountain and Moore Mountain provide breathtaking views and unique terrains, while the Pacific Crest Trail offers hikers a deep dive into Klamath's diverse wilderness. Klamath's blend of aquatic and terrestrial adventures makes it an ideal destination for those seeking both relaxation and thrill in the heart of nature.

Maximize Your Lake Vacation: Don't Miss National Parks

Situated in the southern Pacific Northwest, Klamath serves as the gateway to three unmissable National Park sites; while each park has something unique to offer every visitor, you’ll be missing out if you don’t add them all to your itinerary. With the bottomless blue Crater Lake National Park, the intriguing Lava Beds National Monument, and the history preserved at Tule Lake National Monument, Klamath is the perfect jumping-off point for diverse adventures.

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