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Find Fun for all Ages in Klamath

Klamath is a treasure trove of family-friendly adventures where fun, learning, and unforgettable experiences blend seamlessly. From the thrill of miniature train rides to the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Crater Lake, Klamath is a destination that promises excitement for every family member. Whether it's exploring the depths of volcanic caves, engaging in interactive museum visits, or participating in vibrant local events, Klamath offers a diverse range of activities that cater to both the young and the young at heart.


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A playground of education, nature, and exploration

Klamath's diverse landscape serves as an expansive playground and an educational haven for families. It's a place where the wonders of nature and the thrill of exploration come together, offering a unique blend of entertainment and learning. From geological explorations at Crater Lake to the fascinating volcanic history at Lava Beds, Klamath provides an enriching experience that combines fun with a touch of education, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a balanced and engaging getaway.

Train Mountain

All aboard a remarkable miniature train experience!

Train Mountain, recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for its extensive miniature railroad, is a must-visit for families. Open seven days a week, this unique museum offers more than just miniature train rides; it's an immersive experience into the world of railroading. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Klamath and Western Railroad provides special train rides on Saturdays. However, a visit to the museum on any day might surprise you with an impromptu ride, as long as volunteers are available. It's a place where the fascination with trains transcends age, captivating both children and adults alike.

Caving at Lava Beds

An underground realm waiting to be explored

The Lava Beds National Monument offers a captivating caving experience for families. With a variety of caves classified from easy (blue) to challenging (black), there's an adventure suitable for every age and skill level. These natural formations provide a hands-on learning opportunity about volcanic activity and geology, making it an exciting and educational outing for the entire family.

Crater Lake

Exploring the wonders of National Parks

Crater Lake National Park is not just a marvel to behold; it's a living classroom. Families can delve into the fascinating story of its formation, learn about plate tectonics, and understand the eruption of Mount Mazama that created this natural wonder. The park's educational programs, including the Junior Ranger activities, offer an engaging way for children to learn about environmental conservation and the significance of preserving such natural treasures.

Fun & Engaging Events

Find out what’s going on for family entertainment

Klamath is a hub of family-friendly events that offer a mix of fun, culture, and community engagement. From the enchanting Snowflake Parade to the dynamic performances at Ross Ragland Theater, there's always something exciting happening. The Klamath County Fair, with its array of animals, music, and classic attractions, is a delight for all ages. Visiting in the summer? The Kruise of Klamath showcases an impressive collection of classic cars, while the Third Thursday street fairs in summer bring the community together in a celebration of local culture and entertainment.

Downtown Klamath Falls

Discover a center of family activities

The heart of Klamath Falls is a bustling hub of family-friendly activities. The Klamath Commons splash park provides a refreshing retreat for kids, while nearby, the newly renovated playground at Moore Park offers endless fun. For a touch of nature, the Link River Trail is an excellent spot for learning about local wildlife and bird watching. Downtown is also home to a variety of family-oriented retail and activities. Creative minds can enjoy workshops at Wild Pigments, while Lighthouse Yogurt serves up delicious treats. Next of Kiln invites families to unleash their artistic side with pottery-making. Adding to the excitement, The World of Arkai Family Fun Center, located downtown, features laser tag, VR experiences, and games for smaller children, making it a perfect addition to any family outing.

Lake Recreation

A splash for the whole family

The many lakes of  Klamath, such as Lake of the Woods, Odell, Crescent, and Klamath Lake, are ideal for family outings. These natural settings offer a wide range of activities, including fishing, camping, and boating. Families can enjoy the tranquility of nature while engaging in fun water-based activities. For more detailed information on what each lake has to offer, be sure to read our guide to Klamath's best lakes.

Find Your Trail

Biking adventures for every family member

Klamath's diverse biking trails cater to riders of all ages and abilities. The OC&E Woods Line trail, Oregon’s longest state park, offers a range of scenic routes suitable for family rides along several sections of this converted railroad line. The High Lakes trails at Lake of the Woods provide a more adventurous experience amidst natural beauty. The bike skills park at Moore Park, part of the Moore Mountain trail system, is a fantastic place for children and adults to hone their biking skills in a safe and fun environment.

History and Museums

A journey through time, technology, and culture

The history of Klamath comes to life at the Collier Logging Museum and the Klamath County Museum. These venues offer a glimpse into the region's past with interactive displays and fascinating exhibits. The living history days at the Collier Logging Museum provide a hands-on experience of historical logging practices, while the rock room at the Klamath County Museum is a wonderland for young geologists. The museums offer an educational and entertaining outing for families, making history accessible and engaging for children.

Adventure Sports & Activities

Active and fun-filled family recreation

Klamath is a haven for active families, offering a variety of recreational activities. Kids can experience the thrill of ziplining, enjoy roller skating and ice skating at the Bill Collier Ice Arena, or challenge themselves at the Steen Sports Park skate park. The Running Y Resort offers mini golf and horseback riding, providing more ways for families to enjoy the great outdoors together.

Explore More at the Lava Beds

Find more family fun at the nearby Lava Beds National Monument. With over 900 lava tubes to explore, it's a unique opportunity for the entire family to experience caving and learn about the forces of plate techtonics and volcanoes. The monument is a testament to the region's volcanic history. Guided tours offer insights into the formation and significance of these underground wonders.

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