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The Northwest's Next Music Hub

An Emerging Scene

One of the best ways to truly capture the heart and soul of a place is to experience its arts and music community. Over the last few years, Klamath has experienced significant growth in live music opportunities for residents and tourists alike. A crossroads for family fun, nightlife, and artist development, music events and venues in Klamath are becoming a popular stop for both touring performers and artists considering relocation who seek authentic, supportive community and connection. Many traveling acts praise the local artist community and local audiences for being some of the most welcoming and friendly they’ve experienced in the country.

While new events, programs, and venues are popping up on a regular basis, we’ve compiled a few resources for those looking to explore the burgeoning Klamath music scene.


Family Fun



Under Klamath Skies held at the Klamath County Museum


Klamath boasts a number of mid-sized and larger-scaled community events with live music as either their focus or an integral portion of their programing. Performers at such events range from nationally and internationally known acts to community collaborations. Please, see each event’s link for program specifics.

-         Brats, Blues, & Brews Festival (Hosted by Klamath Falls Sunrise Rotary - August)

-         Chi-Town Family Festival (June)

-         First Fridays at Running Y (Summer)

-         Klamath Basin Oktoberfest (September)

-         Klamath County Fair (August)

-         Klamath Falls Community Band (Schedule Varies)

-         Klamath Falls Freedom Celebration Series (July)

-         Klamath Music Festival (August)

-         Klamath Music Showcase Series(January-April)

-         Klamath Symphony Orchestra(Schedule Varies)

-         Lost River Bluegrass Festival (July)

-         Oregon Tech Music Garden (May)

-         The Klamath Chorale (Schedule Varies)

-         Third Thursdays (Hosted by Downtown Klamath Falls - June-August)

-         Tulelake Butte Valley Fair (September)

-         Under Klamath Skies (Schedule Varies)

Summer Grace at the Showcase Series held at Mia & Pia's Pizzeria & Brewhouse


Where to Catch a Show

From formal productions to weekend specials to open mics and karaoke, Klamath offers music venues to suit a diversity of audiences and style tastes. Whether a festive seasonal patio or an intimate, cozy coffee shop, music lovers, local performers, their fans, and traveling acts can often be found at a number of the following area venues. Please, see each venue’s respective link for specific show schedules.


-         The Ross Ragland Theater

-         Mia& Pia’s Pizzeria & Brewhouse

-         The Falls Taphouse

-         Garage Tap House

-         Lake of the Woods Resort

-         Klamath Falls Farmer’s Market

-         Brevada Brewhouse

21 & OVER:

-         Whoa Tavern

-         Aftershock

-         American Legion Post 8

-         Noa Noa Sports Bar & Restaurant

-         Chicken N’ Cheers

Rudolf Korv at the Showcase Series held at Mia & Pia's Pizzeria & Brewhouse


Learn Who’s Playing Where This Week

The local music community is always abuzz with activity. New shows are being booked and announced on a near daily basis. Far from limited to “folk” music, the Klamath Falls Folk Music Society is a musician run Facebook page helping get the word out about area performances across many genres. The group posts a weekly schedule on Sunday mornings listing the week’s upcoming show options.

Arthur Buezo at the Klamath Music Festival


Resources For Those On The Road

As any touring musician can attest, knowing where the local music store is located in a community can be a gig-saving tip. Whether you need replacement guitar strings, instrument repair, or the lowdown from locals about the skinny on the happenings of the area scene, our music stores can be your oasis in the high desert region that is Klamath. Klamath has two music stores serving the artist community.

-         A Music Store On Main Street

-         Denham Music

Park instruments at the Klamath Commons Park located in Downtown Klamath Fall



Whether you are a virtuoso, classically trained concert pianist or kid just learning “Chopsticks,” summer in downtown Klamath Falls offers tourists and residents alike a colorful music world. Organized by the Klamath Piano Project, donated pianos are placed in various parks and downtown locations for the enjoyment of persons of all ages. Individually painted by local artists, the pianos are typically available Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend for the summer season.



The Klamath Commons Park, located at 1112 Main Street, is often a bustling hub for families and the downtown community. Among the park’s features are metallic instruments. Perfect for the aspiring drummer or percussionist at heart, the structures are tuned to relative keys ensuring even the most novice of participants is capable of creating a tune pleasing to listening ears.

Explore Art & Entertainment in Klamath Falls

Downtown Klamath Falls, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Southern Oregon, is more than a scenic marvel; it's a pulsating heart of arts, culture, and history. This area, rich in artistic expression and community vibrancy, invites art lovers, history buffs, and those seeking enriching experiences to delve into its diverse cultural offerings. From historical landmarks to creative public art installations, Downtown Klamath Falls is a canvas where art and community spirit vividly come to life.

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